Product design

One of the best ways of ensuring that we supply the right product is to discuss development and design with our customers because we believe that participating in these areas is in their best interests. In combination with the innovative approach of our employees this becomes a creative, dynamic process.


This is one of the reasons why our customers frequently visit us at DSI and it also allows them to inspect our facilities, participate in the initial phases, and exchange points of view with our experts.

We know from experience that this is all worthwhile as it helps us find the ideal solution to customers' individual needs. 

Our dedicated approach to plate freezers ensures that our customers have a wide range of different products to choose between.

DSI products meet the most rigorous requirements of the industry and can be used for virtually all freezing applications.

Our range of products includes vertical and horizontal freezers, as well as PFP and automatic plate freezers.


John Møller Jensen
After sale and Service Manager
Mobile: +45 2380 5219
Email: john(at)dsi-as.com