DSI provides comprehensive documentation which includes such technical data as:

  • Product information
  • Calculations
  • The installation of plate freezers
  • Service and repair manuals

Determining the appropriate dimensions of an installation is of vital importance. DSI provides customers with a service which involves optimising refrigerating capacity from the perspective of plate freezing. We help them simulate alternative solutions in order to provide end-users with the best possible equipment for their needs.

Customers can obtain documentation by contacting our sales department. Please see the Contact section for details.

Our dedicated approach to plate freezers ensures that our customers have a wide range of different products to choose between. 

DSI products meet the most rigorous requirements of the industry and can be used for virtually all freezing applications.

Our range of products includes vertical and horizontal freezers, as well as PFP and automatic plate freezers.


John Møller Jensen
After sale and Service Manager
Mobile: +45 2380 5219
Email: john(at)dsi-as.com