DSI-V30 Vertical Plate Freezer

The DSI V30 Series is a so-called FLAT TOP plate freezer which gives a major advantage in connection with automatic unloading of the freezer. 

The DSI V30 Series is specially designed for land installations where demands for easy loading and user friendly jhandling of product and froozen blocks is of high priority. The freezer can be loaded and unloaded from both sides, both manually and automatic.

The DSI V30 Series can be mounted with both mannually removed block dividers and fixed block dividers offering great time savings and thus larger capacity. 

The DSI-V30 can be delivered with a number of options such as:

  • V angels welded on plates for easy breaking of blocks instead of block dividers 
  • Human food modification (stainless steel cover plates)

DSI Vertical Plate Freezer Type

DSI-V30 for Freon, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide

Number of freezing stations

10-36 pcs. with 100 mm blocks

Number of freezing stations

10-38 pcs. with 75 mm blocks

Number of freezing stations

10-42 pcs. with 60 mm blocks

Number of freezing stations

10-42 pcs. with 50 mm blocks

DSI-V30 Series

Plate Size


1070x530 mm 


820x600 mm


1220x500 mm  

DSI Vertical Plate Free-zers are recommended for  bulk freezing.  


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