Pressure System

http://www.plancton-du-monde.org/?CAMS=sexting-snapchat-topix The pressure system in the DSI Plate Freezers is type approved to the requirements of the European Union (EU), Det Norske Veritas(DNV) and The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping(RS). Other approvals can be issued if needed. 

http://www.roland-regional.de/?CAMS=cm16-4ba DSI Plate Freezers, both vertical and horizontal, can operate with all ordinary refrigerants such as freon, ammonia and carbon dioxide. 

Please note that freon is going to be fased out in many countries according to the Montreal and Kyoto agreements. Therefore, many companies are evaluating the advances of using carbon dioxide in their refrigeration plants.

http://schaper-verlag.de/?CAMS=topix-kik Special attention has been taken to the design pressure to obtain a satisfactory defrosting, especially in the DSI Vertical Plate Freezers.

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