DSI Vertical Plate Freezers

About 70 per cent of our DSI Vertical Plate Freezers are installed on fishing vessels around the world - and provide rapid freezing of fish and shellfish of all sizes. After freezing products are kept in the onboard frozen stores for further processing on shore.

The remaining 30 per cent of these freezers are installed on shore and are used for the rapid freezing of fish, shellfish, meats and meat products, poultry, vegetables, fruit, juice, pet food, blood and other food products.

More information:

DSI-V3 Vertical Plate Freezer

DSI-V4 Vertical Plate Freezer

DSI-V5 Vertical Plate Freezer

DSI-V7 Vertical Plate Freezer

DSI-V8 Vertical Plate Freezer

V16 Vertical plate freezer with automatic unloading

DSI-V20 Vertical Plate Freezer

DSI-V30 Vertical Plate Freezer

DSI Vertical Plate Freezers are recommended for  bulk freezing.  


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