03/07 2017

Biggest single order for Russia

Horizontal Plate Freezers like this one with automatic loading and unloading by Carsoe will be installed in the Russian vessels.

 The Russian Company North West Fishing Consortium in Murmansk has ordered eight Horizontal Auto Plate Freezers and 32 automatic V16 32/100 Vertical Plate Freezers for four new vessels. The deal came through in coorporation with Norwegian Steel-X.

enter site It is the biggest single order for Russia so far. Four trawlers will have two Horizontal Auto Plate Freezer and eight Vertical Plate Freezers installed each. DSI is to deliver for one vessel this year, two next years and for one i 2019. Both the horizontal and vertical plate freezers have automatic loading and unloading systems which has multiple advantages. Stability, speed and better working conditions for the men on board as they don’t have to manually lift the heavy frozen blocks. Maximized capacity are keywords, ultimately resulting in better throughput and economy for the vessel owners.

Russia is modernizing its fishing fleet and along the way has become an important market for the quality freezers from DSI.

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