10/04 2017

12 HS freezers for five Greenlandic trawlers

Fishing in the cold and rough waters around Greenland calls for the toughest vessels and most durable processing equipment in the market. We are proud to say, that the fishing companies in Greenland are looking our way for quality freezers. The five newest trawlers there will have DSI-freezers on board.

Royal Greenland has ordered two new trawlers built at the Astilleros de Murueta shipyard in Spain. The vessels are to be delivered in 2018 and 2019 and the processing factory will be equipped with respectively four and two DSI automatic horizontal plate freezers with Carsoe automatic loading and unloading system. The trawlers have yet to be named, but the first to be built is a fillet trawler, that will eventually be fishing for Greenland halibut and white fish. The other is a shrimp trawler, which can handle catches of Greenlandic halibut as well.

Automation is in demand
Not only in Greenland but all over the world the industry is demanding our fully automatic solutions. The horizontal plate freezers with automatic loading and unloading are a popular solution. We’re able to combine our vast experience in freezing technology with the benefits of an automatic approach. Automation secures high quality processing and safe and sound working conditions.

The fillet trawler (left) will be equipped with four automatic horizontal DSI freezers and the shrimp trawler will have two automatic horizontal freezers on board. The automatic loading and unloading system is made by Carsoe. Image by Skipsteknisk.

Niisa Trawl in Greenland is having a new shrimp trawler built at the Metalships & Docks in Spain. The factory on board the trawler will have two DSI horizontal plate freezers installed with the Carsoe automatic loading and unloading system. The trawler has been named “Regina C” and will be delivered to the fishing company by the end of 2018. Image by Skipsteknisk.

Qajaq Trawl in Nuuk, Greenland and Polar Seafood of Denmark have one shrimp trawler each being built at Freire shipyard in Vigo, Spain. Both trawlers will have two automatic DSI horizontal plate freezers installed in the processing line on board. The trawlers will be ready to start fishing by 2018 and 2019. Both are designed to catch other species. The Qajaq Trawl vessel is the one on the left with the green hull. Image by Skipsteknisk.