Henrik Torndal Olsson
Technical Constructor
Phone: +45 6131 1219
E-mail: hto@dsi-as.com

Henrik Torndal Olsson started working for DSI in March 2015. I work in the construction and development department as a technical designer. I am educated as ship fitter, and after my military service in the Danish Navy I became a mechanical engineer.

I have a very good experience and knowledge from my previous jobs as sales engineer and production engineer in various companies; this is very useful for me in my job here at DSI.

It is interesting for me to be a part of the construction and development team, and work for a company where quality has a very high priority. At DSI I have the opportunity to work with design, technical documentation and improvements within DSI’s product range.

In my free time I like to be together with family and friends. I also like to do sport activities like sailing, cycling and skiing.