Hanne Neistskov Thomsen Technical Designer Phone: +45 9886 4299 E-mail: Hanne(at)dsi-as.com

I was employed by DSI on 1. May 2012. I am graduated as Technical Designer.

With many years of experience in small and medium sized businesses, I have over time developed a wide knowledge in manufacturing processes, QA-work and mechanical construction tasks.

At DSI should I will make order specifications, production preparation and machine drawings, I will also help to keep track of equipment approvals and CE marking. I will make and maintain Instruction Manuals for delivery along with the plate freezers, and take care of special spare parts delivery.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family at our small country house.
I'm very interested in sports, especially swimming where I for many years have been with our local swim club both as a active swimmer, as instructor and participating in board work.

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