Local Commitment

Although DSI has a global approach we have deep roots in our local community. The company owes its existence to the town of Dybvad, which is located in Northern Jutland, and its residents, which puts us under a special obligation.  

In 1998 Dybvad attracted the attention of the Danish government. The Danish Fund for the Endowment of the Arts became interested in a local arts project and decided to sponsor a work of art in the local park, Søparken. DSI co-sponsored what proved to be a fascinating sculpture by Danish artist Jørgen Carlo Larsen. 

The sculpture represents a pitcher, the human body, and the chimney of a brickworks. In the past the local brickworks was the pride of Dybvad. The materials are glazed brick, concrete, copper and ironwood.  

Treating our customers with respect is a matter of course at our company.


Long-term relationships with customers are vital ? and equally as important as the loyalty and competence of our employees.

We collaborate with our customers on most projects in order to ensure the best possible solutions for end-users.